Thaumazo Solutions

THAUMAZO SOLUTIONS value the money and the time of every business entrepreneurs who wanted to make a difference in terms of marketing strategy breaking the fear of the unknown. The company helps every business translate its goal and processes into professional touch using the power of technology reaching a greater numbers of customers. Every business has its good reason and mission why they exists, however, it will not make any difference no matter how good a business is if the target customer does not know they exist.

Why Thaumazo Solutions?

Thaumazo Solutions takes the advantage of using the most reliable and yet cost saving system, believed to be technology wise which may be required by every business to enhance its facilities in calling different parts of the world. We are committed to deliver our best to companies in Singapore, USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries we may be of service.

Our service covers all marketing tools that every company need to stay and keep up in this very competitive world of business.

Thaumazo Solutions, objectively hires people with experience working in a Call Center Industry and aim to relocate Experienced CSR from Call Center situated at First Tier Cities, Manila. This step is taken to make certain that CSR can keep more time for themselves and their families resulting to a lesser stress which is in the end provides a more focus and sound mind to valuably perform their tasks.

Thaumazo is serious in creating good result for clients who engaged our service, we clearly work with people with past or most suitable previous experience similar to the project they are well trained. Although, apart from being experienced, a standard training is given to every personnel going on-board to set off the standards what Thaumazo has believed in. All trainings aimed to prepare, mentor, and inspire the practical and important role they will play as they partake working in any project. It is part of our standard that no personnel will be deployed without completing the standard training given to every CSR prior to their product knowledge and working on the project.

Our choice of Effective Performance Metrics, in return, are also applied to guarantee that their outputs are rewarded and thus ensure that their passion to perform will not slide down.

Our Mission

Seeks to be the leading BPO and E-COMMERCE SOLUTION PROVIDER to be sought by SME to Large Companies. To work as partner, entrusted to help their business attain its goal not only to save cost but to grow steadily and professionally.

Our Vision

Thaumazo Solution Philippines will be the leading provider of BPO SOLUTION and MARKETING TOOLS PROVIDER which aimed to help every business strengthen its goal in reaching INTENDED MARKET.

Our Core Values

The COMPANY works with PEOPLE that are EXPERIENCED and TRAINED WITH SPECIFIC SET OF ACTION who consistently believe that EXCELLENCE should be ACHIEVED in every project that we engage. The goal of our clients why our service is availed is to help them translate their company’s mission and vision into reality and their need is the reason for our existence.


The Company

  • Value the TRUST and CONFIDENCE of our CLIENTS.
  • Put INTEGRITY above all, considering all stakeholders receiving and giving the projects.
  • Ensure to understand the real need of the business and provide exactly what is necessary.
  • Respects every idea of entrepreneurs, institutions, and companies.
  • Exist to optimize every business and maximize its efficiency.


Our People

  • Respect every business transactions the company and the client has established.
  • Committed to maintain PROFESSIONALISM within their dealings.
  • Posses the RIGHT ATTITUDE towards work and are ensured assigned on projects they are best capable to handle.
  • Value the IMPORTANCE OF “SERVICE RECOVERY” which involves.
    • Fixing the problem itself, and
    • Managing the Customer’s Feeling and reverse any damage brought by dissatisfaction on the product and Services.
  • Trained to adhere BUSINESS FRIENDLY ATTITUDE towards INTERNAL and EXTERNAL CUSTOMER SERVICE with great understanding on the importance of this one.
  • Each members of the organization signifies to play a good role in keeping the idea of EXCEPTIONAL INTERNAL CUSTOMER SERVICE for it is believed to be effective and believed when practice by everyone without considering the rank, role, and position in the organization, good customer service to external customer becomes excellent.

Why Philippines?

English, being the primary language for business and education in the Philippines placed the country as the third largest English Speaking Country.

The country offers a very low cost of living compared to other Southeast Asian Countries benefited on the fact that the personality of Philippine Workers are set to be the most closely aligned to that with western in the world. This is also the reason why they were preferred by Americans and European due to this ideal fact. Taking the service from Philippines not only benefited the low cost the BPO could bring but also having the advantage of getting the quality they intend to get out of the service.

Philippines have surpassed countries who offered the same services according to some writings, but for those who have not tried getting BPO Solution from this country, this might be the right time to take another step. If you have thought about it, you are making a good thought in including this in your decisions, this lowers your operating cost through effective and efficient offshore services.

Our Team