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Rosalie is a Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication grad and has completed Professional Education, Specialized Course in AFNA, and Project Management Professional Course in UAE.

Have recently launched a business that caters Transport, Logistics, and Courier Services under SaaS Model that creates a different approach offering a fixed costs allowing more merchants and fleet provider to earn more with the potential Business Value amounting to $6M anually.

She is affiliated to different organization providing leadership and consulting in the areas of Business Formation: Expansion in numbers or through Outsourcing Formula in the field of Corporate Set Up, BPO, Cooperative, Institution, Universities and Technical Vocational Schools in Philippines.

Rosalie, being the Founder of Thaumazo Solutions has been providing consulting services for these countries – USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Mauritius, and Turks and Caicos, West British Indies.

Rosalie is a very experienced Facilitator, Human Performance Strategist, Service Quality Management & Process Improvement for more than 23 years having conducted numerous training and consulting assignments in CRM, Operations Management, Customer Experience Management and Team Development, Data Analytics, and Operations Alignment. She has been providing costs efficient and effective Business Plan through Partnerships and M&A under different practices and discipline.

She is a sought Speaker within the region and have conducted training and technical know-how on various aspects of Digital and Face to Face Marketing. Have spoken in numerous Universities, Technical Vocational School, Cooperative Meetings, Summit, Conferences and Team Buildings. Spearheaded in creating different programs focused on encouraging students from low income families pursue its goal to achieve success through Education and have created a Scholarship Program.

As a Business Lead for Outsourcing Industry, she works in collaboration with the private and public sector in the industry to ensure that high impact projects particularly the SIPP or Student Internship Program in Philippines will create a strong partnership with private organization benefitting two entities: Industry and Students.