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Our Contractor Management Service, Company Set Up and Consulting, and Outsourced Payroll Service are considered one-stop shop, we are confident that we can help you achieve significant administrative cost savings and improvements in your Cash Flow by allowing you to focus in growing business.

Contractor Management Services

At Thaumazo, we care about our contractors. Your next project is our priority. We treat you as an individual, we provide HOTLINE that could address every little issues, constraint, complaints to the candidate, documented and communicated to our friendly team.

Company Set Up & Consulting

Operating a business as a Sole Proprietor is only possible for local Filipinos only. The advantage and risks of doing this type of business will totally be asserted prior to the actual registration. The involvement of foreigners or another individual is not meant to this type of Business Registration.

Outsourced Payroll Services

The consequence of getting wrong payroll makes your workforce unhappy which can detrimentally affect every business. Therefore, outsourcing Payroll service provides businesses and owners, time to focus on the other aspects of business such as growing it.

Consulting & Product Launching Services

In growing your company, count on our team to provide excellent professional advices as you experience our consulting services in line with what you need exactly for launching your product locally entering Philippine Market aligned to what is current and on trend.

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