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Our Contractor Management Service, Company Set Up and Consulting, and Outsourced Payroll Service are considered one-stop shop, we are confident that we can help you achieve significant administrative cost savings and improvements in your Cash Flow by allowing you to focus in growing business.

Sole Trader/ Proprietor

Operating a business as a Sole Proprietor is only possible for local Filipinos only. The advantage and risks of doing this type of business will totally be asserted prior to the actual registration. The involvement of foreigners or another individual is not meant to this type of Business Registration.
Do it right the first time, allow us to assist you in your Sole Proprietorship registration so you can legally do business in the Philippines within 10 working days.
How much will it cost? It will surely be affordable matching the value of your time. We can take care your sole proprietorship registration from Conceptualization to Actual Registration.


Corporate governance and housekeeping is vital to the success of any business enterprise. The administration, maintenance and filing of corporate records are crucial to every commercial entity. Our legal partners possess adequate understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements necessary for the clients business.
Such as the record-keeping and maintenance of your Stock & Transfer Books, and compliance with the reportorial requirments of the difference government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Board of Investments (BOI), the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and the like. It is our intention to relieve you with the burden of worrying about corporate compliance, avoid the imposition of fines and penalties and the possible revocation of your business license, so you can be free to focus on the operations of your
Partnerships are required to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Registration is done by filing the Articles of Partnership with the SEC. The Articles of Partnership set forth all the terms and conditions mutually agreed by the partners thereto.

  • Proposed Articles of Partnership.
  • Name Verification Slip.
  • Bank Certificate of Deposit.
  • Alien Certificate of Registration, Special Investors Resident visa or Proof of other types of visa (in case of foreigner).
  • It bears noting that corporations are not allowed by law to become partners in a partnership.


As a general rule, the liability of partners in a partnership organization is unlimited in the sense that the partnership creditors may run after them for any and all of their assets and property in payment of the partnership debts. Should one of the partners defray all liabilities of the partnership, he is entitled to be reimbursed by the other partners for their respective shares therein.

In the case, however, of limited partnerships, the law allows the limitation of the liability of certain partners to the extent of the amount contributed to the partnership.

Domestic Corporation

Registration of a Domestic Corporation in the Philippines

Registering a corporation requires a minimum of 5 incorporators, each of whom must be actual persons that must hold at least a single share in the company. Majority of the incorporators must be Filipino residents. A Corporation may have between 5 and 15 directors (or trustees if a non-stock corporation), each of whom must hold at least one qualifying share of stock. Majority of the directors (or trustees) must be Philippine residents. All Domestic Corporations (those incorporated in the Philippines) obtain their license from and are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The SEC will require a prospective Corporation to reserve and register a name, submit proposed Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws which are compliant with the requirements of the Corporation Code of the Philippines, and meet the minimum capitalization requirements pertaining to the industry or business that it is engaged in.

Under the Foreign Investment Act, the minimum paid-up capital requirement for a corporations considered Domestic Market Enterprise (DME) or one whose foreign equity exceeds 40% is US$200,000, which amount must be remitted into the Philippines. The registration requirements do not apply to export-oriented enterprise or involve advance technology and will employ at least 50 employees.

Stock corporation – Dodumentary requirenment (100% Filipino Equity 60% filipino 40% Foreign)

  • Bank Certificate
  • Articles of Incorporation and By-laws
  • Treasurer’s Affidavit
  • Registration Data Sheet
  • Endorsements / Clearances from other government agencies

More than 40% Foreign Equity

  • Form F-100
  • Articles of Incorporation and By-laws
  • Treasurer’s Affidavit
  • Bank Certificate
  • Proof of Inward Remittance by non-resident aliens and foreign corporate subscribers who would like to register their investment with the Central Bank of the Philippines.

Non-Stock Corporation

  • Income or profit generated by this type of corporation cannot be distributed as dividends to its officers or members but shall be used for its operations and for the purpose in which the company was incorporated.


  • Religious
  • Foundation
  • Association
  • Charitable
  • Chambers (Amcham, Cancham, et al)
  • Any Combination of the above mentioned
  • Fraternal
  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Civic Service


  • Registration Data Sheet
  • Bank Certificate showing paid in capital
  • Articles of Incorporation and By-laws
  • Treasurer’s Certificate

Representative Office

Registration of a Representative Office in the Philippines

This is the best approach to those companies who have been wanting to do business in the Philippines through a Representative Office. This type of company formation can only undertake infor-mation dissemination, promote the parent company’s products, and provide quality control of the products. It cannot generate revenue in the Philippines and can only deal with the clients of its parent company.

One of the requirements in securing a license to do business as a representative office is a proof of initial inward remittance in the amount of US$30,000.00. Every year thereafter, the head office must remit the same amount of US$30,000.00 to cover operating expenses of the representative office.


Aside from the proof of inward remittance, the other requirements for the registration of a representative office in the
Philippines are as follows:

  • SEC FORM F-104
  • Authenticated Financial Statements of a date not exceeding one (1) year immediately prior to the application certified by an independent CPA from the home country.
  • Authenticated Articles of Incorporation
  • Registration Data Sheet
  • Affidavit of Solvency
  • Authenticated Copy of the Board Resolution authorizing the establishment of the office, designating the resident agent, and
    stipulating that in the absence of the agent summons and other legal processes may be served to the SEC.
  • Resident Agent’s Acceptance of Appointment (this is not necessary if the resident agent is the one who will sign the application form).

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