Consulting and Product Launching Services

In growing your company, count on our team to provide excellent professional advices as you experience our consulting services in line with what you need exactly for launching your product locally entering Philippine Market aligned to what is current and on trend.


Are you requiring professional advice, guidance and actionable solutions that is independent – we provide group of professionals comprised of industry-specific experts to handle issues that the business would like to win.

  • Strategy Consulting.
  • Marketing Consulting.
  • Operations Consulting.
  • Financial Consulting.
  • HR Consulting.
  • Compliance Consulting.
  • Technology / IT consulting.
  • Legal consultant.

Product Training Services

Marketing Department usually prepare the best featured benefit of using their product, but the sales professionals may often missed to convey the same to customers. Thaumazo Solutions’ Team will help you make sure your sales professionals receives the right training without reinventing the wheel while we help in many ways such shortening the costs attributed to the learning curve period of those hired and will be hired. Talk to us to know more about this!

Tell us about your plan and we will help you make it happen!