Business Collaterals

Preparing business to face the never ending trend of evolution in the field of Digital Technology facing a very high competition to represent companies often judged through the representation made by their logos, presentations, letterheads. Upgrade and equip your business with collaterals you know you need. As you focus on the marketing and promotions to pursue growth, consider the basics of it through the collaterals being represented. Thaumazo Solutions can help you with the right tools you need to reach your goals.

Logo Design

Apart from a company having a mission and vision statement, what every clients and networks always remember from a business is its logo. With Thaumazo, we provide the translation into a design that allows meaningful transition of concept into a business’ commercial brand and represent what it supposed to. Such logo which will then be part of the company’s letter head intended to be remembered by the company where proposal is submitted.

Corporate Slide Presentation

Thaumazo being a company of total solution also provides the creation of professional slide presentation. This aids every business entrepreneur focuses more on developing what exactly they wanted to discuss during the client calls rather than working on how the presentation should catch every attention of their target audience.

Business Plans

For startup SME and Entrepreneur who wanted to start business wherein preparing feasibilities and business plans, THAUMAZO can also be your partner complying to these pre-requisites in starting a business. This write up also helps the conceptualized company to submit to government requirements in registering its business. Other feature of this service includes helping companies write down their own mission and vision which shall skeletally serve as business’ guiding principle in doing business.


The simplest and most effective way in reaching walk-in customers and potential customers is by providing them a brochure that provides concise information containing overview of your services and processes involve in engaging your service. Sound simple but very critical. The brochure are both customized and can be included on the website with intent also to be printed as materials to be taken home and read at their leisure.

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