Market Building Lead Generation

The professional experience of our CSRs that are usually taken for granted can be best viewed as one of the good venture every SME should have. Among wide ranges of Business Collateral that every business should have considered, building their market through the art of making their business and services sounded like its really a necessity for every consumer. Our effective ways in enhancing the strategies in connecting with them is where Thaumazo specialized.
Having this mindset, the dramatic effect of bringing additional revenue as brought by different marketing strategy helps every business attain its goal not only to save some cost but also to be able to grow into a larger and more successful company.
Experiencing the services of Thaumazo brings the company on a different level as if our representative assigned to handle their requirement values our client as their employer. The training provided by our company ensures that the certain Service Level Agreement (SLA) that are placed under contract are smoothly adhered and complied with. We have designed the performance metrics that are suitable enough to help each CSR continually grow and thus eliminates poor customer service. We ensured that their output are rewarded.
Being competitive in today’s marketplace, every company should consider all avenues to stay ahead of the competitions and this is where Telemarketing should be seen as important tools in keeping the company grow steadily and professionally without taking major investment in marketing cycle.

Inbound Telemarketing

This service covers wide range of routine task which includes; Toll Free Customer Service Support, Order Taking & Process Customer Interaction Program, Lead Generation Campaign, Responds to Inquiries and Promos as Launched by the Client, and other Technical Support that usually covers forty percent of SME’s time and considered as their usual routine time. As such, by the time that a brilliant idea came in, exhaustion becomes the next barrier in implementing such idea, therefore the process of outsourcing eliminates the client from being exposed to performing tasks that can be outsourced at a lower cost which ensures that all intended call for the company are well taken cared.

Outbound Telemarketing

With the services of outbound telemarketing, those personnel that are assigned to generate sales can merely focus on seriously creating good revenue as they focus on getting each leads translated into better sales. The people that we assigned to handle each tasked are capable and geared to deliver. We uses best practice principle in doing Outbound Telemarketing which covers; Business Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Market Research, Business to Business Marketing Strategies (B2B), and others.

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